Non-Science (updated 7/07)

   Evolutionary theory is still  the cornerstone of biological science.  Just because "Intelligent Design" creationism poses no threat to true science does NOT mean that "ID" proponents, and other creationists, pose no threat to honest science education in the USA!  Honest scientists and educators must stand up for for the rights of students across the nation .  Spirituality that is too weak to withstand objective truths is simply a failed religious perspective.  There is too much to be learned from Nature to obscure its lessons.  We must open our minds to scientific honesty, and reconcile those with our faith and beliefs.  For now, given all the evidence, that means that evolutionary theory is among the best supported theories of all science.  Indeed, evolution is the only scientific theory that adequately explains the diversity of life on earth.


While promoting evolutionary education in Ohio over the past few years, I also produced some pages exposing "scientific creationism" and "intelligent design" as non-science in every respect, and nonsense in some respects.

I leave these on my web site as a primer for those who have yet to defend high standards for science and science education.

I don't expect to update these pages often.  But as the arguments from the non-science side do not change substantively from year to year, I probably won't need to.   When Answers in Genesis finds an honest answer, or the Discovery Institute makes some discoveries about Intelligent Design, I'll listen.  Meanwhile, I can get back to doing real science.  See these pages on the right of your screen for the status quo on why neither brand of creationism qualifies as science.


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