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Evolution FAQs and OGAs Creationist Contradictions

The Religion of Creationism 

   and the 

   Science of Evolutionary Theory


A perspective from anthropologist Jeffrey K. McKee

The debate between "creationists" and "evolutionists" is a matter of concern to me as an evolutionary scientist.  The debate has little to do with science ... scientific debates are played out in the academic journals, where creationism has yet to show a presence.  This debate is philosophical, religious, and political.  I respect creationists and their views; such is the freedom accorded by the United States of America.  But I do not want creationism taught to my children as "science" ... for it is not.

Religion and science can and must co-exist.  For most people they do.  For a vocal minority known generally as "creationists," and some masquerading as "Intelligent Design scientists," science and religion are at odds.  Over the past I've added to this site some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and OGAs (Often Given Answers) about the social debate.  

Here I will not dwell on some of the blatantly absurd claims of certain creationists, particularly "young earth" creationists. If people want to believe that the earth is only 10,000 years old, there is no point in arguing because facts become irrelevant. Likewise, if they believe that the Loch Ness monster proves that dinosaurs and humans co-existed, thus constituting "disproof" of evolution, then I wonít let science and logic stand in their way.

Rather Iíll look at some key questions that open minded people are willing to consider. These questions are based on those that I have been asked.

Evolution/Creation FAQs and OGAs Creationists Contradictions

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