Jeffrey K. McKee is a professor in the departments of Anthropology and Evolution, Ecology, & Organismal Biology at The Ohio State University. He has led excavations at the South African fossil sites of Taung and Makapansgat.   McKee is the author of  The Riddled Chain (2000), Sparing Nature (2003), and co-author of the widely used textbook Understanding Human Evolution (2005).

McKee has lectured across the country, and on three continents.

Current available public lecture titles:

   Human Evolution and the Evolution of Intelligent Design Creationis

   The Human Wedge --  How Human Population Growth is Fueling a Mass Extinction

   Human Origins in Southern Africa

   Darwin's Prescient Insights on Human Evolution

   The Far Side of Evolution (Evolution as illustrated by Gary Larson comics)


Lectures subject to travel fees and negotiable honorarium.

Contact via e-mail at, or phone 614-292-2745


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