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 Jeffrey K McKee

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Human population and biodiversity:

Forecasting global biodiversity threats associated with human population growth (2004)

Reawakening Malthus: Empirical Support for the Smail Scenario (2003)

Behavioral mediators of the human population effect on biodiversity losses (2011)

The human population footprint on global biodiversity (2012)



Australopithecine anterior pillars: Reassessment of the functional morphology and phylogenetic relevance (1989)

Correlates of Enamel Hypoplasia With Human Dental Reduction (1990)

Faunal assemblage seriations of southern African Pliocene and Pleistocene fossil deposits (1995)

Further Chronological Seriations of Pliocene and Pleistocene Faunal Assemblages of Southern Africa  (1995)

Palaeo‑ecology of the Sterkfontein Hominids: A Review and Synthesis (1991)

Taxonomic and Evolutionary Affinities of Papio izodi Fossils from Taung and Sterkfontein  (1993)

New species of Cercopithecoides from Haasgat, North West Province, South Africa (2011)



    Faunal dating of the Taung hominid fossil deposit (1993)

    The Formation and Geomorphology of Caves in Calcareous Tufas and Implications for the Study of the Taung Fossil Deposits. (1993)

    Catalogue of Fossil Sites at the Buxton Limeworks, Taung  (1994)

   Taung Stratigraphy and Taphonomy: Preliminary Results Based on the 1988-1993 Excavations  (1994)

    Taphonomic Processes of Bone Distribution and Deposition in the Tufa Caves of Taung, South Africa (2010)


Evolutionary Theory

A genetic model of dental reduction through the probable mutation effect (1984)

Turnover Patterns and Species Longevity of Large Mammals from the Late Pliocene and Pleistocene of Southern Africa: A Comparison of Simulated and Empirical Data  (1995)

Faunal Turnover Patterns in the Pliocene and Pleistocene of Southern Africa  (1996)

The Autocatalytic Nature of Human Evolution in African Plio-Pleistocene Environments.  (1999)

Faunal turnover rates and mammalian biodiversity of the late Pliocene and Pleistocene of eastern Africa  (2001)



Observations on the Carnivorous Activities of Chacma Baboons at the Buxton Limeworks, Taung District, Bophuthatswana (1992)


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