On March 22, 2009, Dr. Charles Kimberlin Brain received an Honorary Doctorate of Science from The Ohio State University.  On this page are photos to commemorate the event.

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 Bob Brain and the McKees  Bob Brain and cake
Bob Brain in Delaware Bob takes the cake.
Provost Joe Alutto introduces Bob Brain with "cat food" joke about early hominins Bob Brain, Jeff McKee, and Gifford Weary, Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences at OSU
Rick Yerkes and Bob Brain at the OSU Faculty Club Commencement procession; arrow points to Bob Brain.
Dr. Bob Brain and Dr. Michael Masters, both receiving doctorates from OSU in March, 2009 JK McKee and CK Brain outside the Blackwell Hotel, after the ceremony and before a drink at the bar.
From the commencement program (right click for fuller clarity, then hit return)


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